Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Chance Encounter with Michele - Central Market - York, PA

Hello Blog followers,

Last Saturday I was thrilled to encounter Michele DeMeo at the fabulous Central Market, which is one of Michele's all-time favorite York, PA downtown destinations. I found out why during my first trip there with her. Since then it has become one of my must visit sites any time I'm in York.

This market has everything you need under one very old roof. I believe the cathedral-like structure is over 120 years old. It's a wonderful local find for fresh produce, baked pastries, fish, poultry and meats too! I'm a picky New Yorker when it comes to eating and everything I've eaten at Central Market has been a palate pleaser. It's also a fabulous find for it's breakfast and lunch concession restaurants like the Busy Bee and the Copper Crust Company.

While I was having a late breakfast with my friend Dr. Glorioso, Michele rolled into view. This was so unexpectedly special - one because I have always had scheduled visits with Michele, and two because the three of us have never been in one room together and we all love Central Market for many reasons.

It couldn't have been a more serendipitous encounter for me. Three unlikely people who have been so intricately connected over the last two years because of Love Loss Life: The Beauty of a Slow Death, a film I directed, yet had never been in the same room together all show up in the same unlikely place.

Michele was so surprised and I was so thrilled that I had to ask permission to take a photo with Michele and Dr. "G" even though Michele had stepped out of her branded black look for her Saturday afternoon stroll through Central Market.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! Check out the rare photo below (soon to be posted) on my website Left: Dr' Glorioso, Center: Michele DeMeo, Right: Joe Nardelli.